We help you improve your presentation skills...

Why Speech-Masters'?

We understand your need for tailor-made Presentations

Because we know that benefits selling and closing sale are crucial aspect of selling, we help you discover new ways of selling old ideas. 


When your business is threatened by disruptions, you can count on us to intervene with tailor made solutions to eliminate the threat and restore order. 


The Speech Masters’ know that mere words don’t move people to act. We know how to connect with an audience and move them to act.


We know it is easier to manage leaders than followers. So, our leadership concept is about transforming each member of your team into  leaders. 

Management Team

Our presentations are designed to address the big issues management face. It’s about inspiring the motivators. Our facilitators are seasoned and experienced managers.

Building Core
Family Values

Our presentations on family issues recognise that a worker’s performance may be influenced by the quality of his family life. Our family targeted topics address issues that weigh spouses down.

The Speech Masters’ Court got started in 2012 at Chrisland Schools as one of ERI English’ s strategies to enhance the speaking skill of both learners and educators. Today, the need has arisen for the Court to go beyond the four walls of Chrisland Schools as more and more persons that run corporate organisations lack the basic skill of public speaking : they need professional speakers who can help them sell ideas and benefits to existing clients and prospects masterfully; they need solutions to corporate issues by professionals. The Speech-master’s is here to fill that need.

Our team.

We have trained Corporate Speakers to meet your needs.
Chris Nkwocha


Tega Amusan

Corporate Speaker

Abigail Anaba

Speech Ambassador

Gbenga Omotosho

Corporate Speaker