Sometimes you and your team need an invigorating presentation to help you cope with life anxieties and keep going. Read a compendium of a presentation by one of our corporate speakers. He is a speech coach and a TV presenter. The Theme of this presentation is Coping with Distressing Trials.

The SpeechMaster

Coping with Distressing Trials

Each of us has had trying periods in our life. And trials are not over yet . No one can accurately predict the severity of their next trial. Who really thinks of what their next trial can be? I do. And a few others in my genre do, while many people wish away trials. Expressions like “God forbid”; “It’s not my portion” is the wishful thinking of unrealistic fellows. But trials can never be wished away. We all face trials on daily basis, each one his own dose or measure.

Trials are like examination questions with a difference. Although you can choose what questions to answer in some examinations, you have been trained to answer all the questions by the examiner—your teacher. Unlike examinations you cannot choose the trial to face; you cannot cheat trials; you cannot resit a trial; you cannot choose to be absent when a trial comes your way. However, like a test, you can pass trials like Job. Like an examination, you can fail a trial like Adam, our foremost ancestor. Like a test, you can pass trials like Joseph. Like an examination, you can fail a trial like David. Like a test, you can pass trials like Jesus Christ. You can pass or fail trials!

The good news is that there are no new trials. Is it death, sickness, opposition, joblessness, ridicules, discouragements, immortality, adversities, spirit attacks? The source of your trials cannot do more than these.
Nevertheless, the depth of your spirituality will determine the extent you can endure and conquer trials that may confront you. So draw close to the God of all comfort.

The reality is that trials have come to stay and we must learn to contend with them, and in all your trials, may the God of all comfort, comfort you so that you may be a source of comfort to those who need comfort when going through trials.

Presented by Chris Nkwocha