Have you noticed some personality traits among your team players that need to be fixed? This abridged presentation by one of our corporate speakers may be what you need. You may also choose to invite us to motivate your workforce on how to improve their personality.

Get Rid of those Annoying Traits
Each of us is born with distinctive qualities that make us different from others. And as we grow up, we develop them and imbibe some other qualities from those we admire. So it is that over time one’s personality is shaped. Having shaped your personality, you begin to realize that you have to shed as it were, some traits you have acquired. Some of the traits some people have struggled to get rid of include jealousy, fits of anger, harbouring resentment, pride, envy, uncontrolled sexual appetite, drug abuse, and on.

Personality is like perfectly designed clothes that we wear . The clothes called personality can be attractive or repelling. While clothes cover our nakedness, our personality is innate and is reflected in our lifestyle—habits and manners. We cannot hide our personality from people just as we cannot hide the clothes we wear. And people have the right to admire or disapprove of it. They have the right to talk about it, evaluate it, and render their judgement. And their judgment is their perception of who we are.

Individuals too, from time to time, sit down and take stock of themselves. The outcome of this stock taking or self-assessment is determined by the benchmark used, the scale we use in measuring ourselves—our personality.

Since two things make up one’s personality— disposition and especially values, we have to ask ourselves these pertinent questions: what is it that has molded my values? Are my values founded on good morals or on trends? If I were to be answerable to anyone about how I use my life, will they be happy and pleased with my personality? Am I genuinely satisfied with my person and my personality? Are there some personality blemishes I am struggling to get rid of?

If you spot the need for a change, a personality change, it means you have been wearing old clothes that need to be stripped. And when our clothes are old and worn out, they are not useful for anything. We either use them as a rag or we burn them. Like clothes, when we strip off our old personality with its practices, we have to put on a new personality that conforms with true values.

Personality traits such as alcoholism, smoking, lying, a complaining spirit, like body odour, are not easy to do away with. It takes real effort and hard work to conquer such habits. And no matter how hard you try, you may not succeed. How miserable that can make us feel! So what practical things can you do to overcome bad traits?

Watch those you associate with. Your friends can exert powerful influence on you and your personality. Your associates include the books you read, the internet sites you visit and those you worship with.

Read and meditate on God’s word daily. Ask God to give you the wisdom and power you need to help you apply the things you have read.
Make friends with those who can help you develop the new personality you are seeking to put on.